Tips for care of your jewelry in summer are similar to the advice I would give all year around.  But since we spend a lot more time outside when the weather finally turns beautiful, here are a few particular things to watch out for:

Ring in Sand
  • Remove all jewelry and put in a safe place before swimming, strenuous activity or gardening.  Chemicals, tools and athletic equipment are all capable of causing irreparable damage!  And we’ve all heard sad stories of precious jewelry lost while swimming or weeding!
  • Keep jewelry out of the sand.  The quartz sand grains are sharp and harder than many gemstones and metals, and will scratch or damage the surface polish.
  • Some gemstones, and sterling silver and plated metals, may be adversely affected by swings in temperature, exposure to strong sun, or very cold water.
  • Remove jewelry before applying lotions, sunscreen or bug spray. These may get trapped in crevices and below prongs, making the piece look dirty.  And generally diamonds won’t be damaged, but some gemstones are porous and may become cloudy or dull.

Keep your jewelry safe and avoid damage.  Wipe with a soft cotton cloth after wearing, and you should enjoy it for years to come.

For more information on individual gemstones, see our Gemstone Care Guides.