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Sapphire, the September Birthstone, is one of the most beloved of all gems. While we generally think of blue sapphire, they actually come in a rainbow of colors: Yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, and white. Multicolor sapphire jewelry is an exciting new trend. The large oval blue sapphire ring worn by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, once belonged to Princess Diana and is called simply the Princess Diana style. Sapphires are often heated to improve color and clarity, the enhancement is permanent and requires no special care. Fortunoff does not carry diffusion-treated sapphires or synthetic gemstones. A very hard stone, sapphire is perfect for everyday wear. In addition to our classic sapphire rings, you’ll find sapphire pendants, sapphire hoop earrings, or classic sapphire studs as well as flexible sapphire bracelets.

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