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Diamond Tennis Bracelets: A timeless and Glamorous Accessory

Our diamond tennis bracelets are indeed a timeless and glamorous accessory that add effortless elegance to any outfit. Consisting of a line of diamonds closely set together and linked by a flexible band, they are designed to comfortably wrap around the wrist. These days we see  a trend of petite thin bracelets that can be worn daily in a stacking look. The yellow or white gold style can be paired with bangles or other flexible bracelets.  

Diamond tennis bracelets first rose to prominence in 1987 when Chris Evert's bracelet fell off during a US Open match. The match was paused while she retrieved it, bringing media attention to this elegant bracelet style. Since then, diamond tennis bracelets have been a staple in many celebrity and royal jewelry collections.

 When shopping for a diamond tennis bracelet, here are some key considerations:

  • Diamond Quality: Focus on excellence in the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat. Ideal proportions, grades and sparkling diamonds will maximize the fire and brilliance.
  • Diamond Size: Choose a diamond size that balances carat weight with your budget. A single line or double row of diamonds is classic.
  • Band Material: Platinum and white gold are common choices that accentuate the diamonds' brightness. Rose or yellow gold offer a warm, vintage effect.
  • Clasp Security: A secure clasp is a must to prevent loss. Box clasps with safety latches are ideal for tennis bracelets

The timeless elegance of diamond tennis bracelets complements both casual and formal looks. Surprise your loved one or treat yourself with this versatile diamond accessory that will be treasured for years to come. Shop our extensive collection to find your perfect tennis bracelet match today! 

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