Finally, summer is here! This has been one of the longest-awaited we can remember, for sure. So you’re off to your Great Getaway, and you are ready to have a fantastic time! To make your trip even more fun, and worry-free, here are our three Top Travel Tips:

1. Leave your engagement ring and wedding ring home

Oh, we know you treasure your rings, and you love showing off your most valuable bling. But haven’t we all known someone with the sad story of losing their favorite ring while on vacation? It was accidentally left on a sink. Or the diamond fell out into the ocean. Or someone nearby on the beach wondered what shiny temptations might be back in your hotel room… So take away all that worry. Leave those important rings home in a safe and sound place. Swap those special rocks for something simple, airy and easy-to-wear. Consider one of these great “travel band” options:

Single Row Diamond Eternity Band, 14K White Gold Multishape Pave Diamond Design Band, 18K Yellow Gold Scalloped Design .25 carat Diamond Band, 18K White Gold Flush Set .40 carat total Diamond Band, 14K Yellow Gold


2. Leave those other prized pieces home, too

What to do if your trip is for a wedding, or you’re going to be attending a big anniversary party? We still advise you leave your most prized pieces at home. You’re making that long journey, and you want to leave the stress behind. So leave your family treasures, diamond studs, and the like, behind at home, too.

That doesn’t mean you have to go unadorned! Vacation time is a great excuse to accessorize more than usual, and experiment with some fresh and fun new looks. Choose a few items that can be worn on different days, with more than one outfit. Select one or two versatile necklaces, a few pairs of earrings, and those simple travel bands that look even better stacked together. Layer in one or two “statement” pieces that give a lot of look without a huge investment. Here are some terrific options:

Diamond and Bead Bar Necklace, 14K Yellow Gold Bezel Set Diamond Chain, .50 Carat Total, 14K Yellow Gold Diamond in Bezel , 18 Inches, 14K White Gold

Medium Hoop Earrings, 1.90 Inches, 14K Yellow Gold Small Pavé Diamond Star Stud Earrings, 14K White Gold Tiny Huggie Hoop Earrings, 14K Yellow Gold


If you’re thinking about what to wear to a wedding, pearls make an especially good choice. They’re at home in any setting, look beautiful with any color palette, feel “summery” and “ocean-y,” and are inexpensive ways to give a bigger look. Consider these:

Classic Akoya Cultured Pearl Studs, 7 MM, 14K Yellow Gold White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet, Set of 5 Akoya Cultured Pearl Open Wire Drop Earrings, 14K Yellow Gold Tahitian Cultured Pearl Y Style Necklace, Sterling Silver


I like to have something versatile and festive that can be worn long or doubled up, depending on what I’m wearing that day.  And I love wearing colors that reflect the tranquility of the season.  Among my go-to’s are these:

Labradorite, Apatite and Turquoise Gemstone Necklace, 35 Inches Bezel Set Peridot Station Necklace, 18 Inches, 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst Glitter Enamel Hoops, Sterling Silver Square Cut Sky Blue Topaz Ring, Sterling Silver


3. Protect your jewelry!

Jewelry is made of precious metals. These are soft, so they can be crafted into beautiful pieces to enjoy. But that also means they are not indestructible!

We strongly recommend you not sleep, swim, or work out while wearing your jewelry. Take it off, wipe with a clean dry cloth, and place in a safe soft place where it will be protected and safe.

Always utilize your hotel room safe, not only for jewels but also your important documents, keys, etc. Keep your jewels safe with a soft travel case, and wrap each item separately in tissue in a small plastic bag.

When you pack, always keep your jewelry with you in your carry-on or handbag, never in checked luggage.

Any by the way, if you don’t have insurance on your most precious possessions, now’s the time to get that done. Speak with your insurance agent, or reach out to your trusted jeweler (that would be us!) for more information.

And now, you’re all set – Have a fantastic, worry-free vacay!