Stacking rings, piles of bracelets, #neckmesses, and more!

Stacking ringsJewelry in multiples continues to be a popular look in fashion. From celebs to women in all walks of life, the trend seems to have an almost generational staying power. It’s not hard to see why. You can keep adding to the items you own, while freshening the look on an almost constant basis.

But it’s also a look that stars can take to the awards shows, as demonstrated by Oscar nominees Cynthia Erivo and Scarlett Johannson (shown above), who show off the look in earring multiples.

local modelsWe have an almost endless selection of styles to help you add to your multiples story – whether you want to go big and bold like the celebrities, or keep it delicate and diminutive, like the look we styled on our local model Sophia Rosales, at a fashion show we held at the store last fall. Sophia wears her multiples with a sweet simplicity we loved.

I’m delighted to also see our staff get in on the fun. Here’s Fay, who gathered jewels from our showcases for her version of a #neckmess in store.

So, stop by and see all the ways you can create a look that works for you. Our knowledgeable staff can help you complement your existing pieces with something new.