International Women's Day

This pandemic year has been a year to see women shine, whether teaching kids at home, in volunteer work, or as essential workers. Or all three, which has been many women’s experience.

Articles have also addressed the fact that women are at the forefront of efforts to challenge the status quo and tackle housing and food insecurity, increased domestic violence, and racial and LGBTQ inequality.

Where do they find the time? There’s an old expression that if you want to get something accomplished, give the task to a busy person. Chances are, as I have learned, that person will be a woman.

But this non-stop activity has also taken a toll on women, so I’m glad to see March roll around again, so we can celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month and take time to thank the women in our lives, who never stop giving. Give the woman (or women) in your life a day off, lend her a hand, and by all means, consider getting her a piece of jewelry!

You can also reward yourself, and we have lots of ideas at That pat on the back is well-deserved. Brava to all of you!