Greenland rubies

When we first laid eyes, just a couple of years ago, on the fabulous rubies and sapphires freshly mined from Greenland’s icy and pristine earth, we knew Fortunoff was destined to become a proud representative some day. That year we took a few pictures with the gorgeous gemstones, the ice sculpture that represented what would be dubbed the Pink Polar Bear Foundation, and some of the prestigious designers who were there similarly ooh-ing and aah-ing over the rare and historic find. It took a few years for the mine to produce enough material to create jewelry for ordering, but today, we are so excited to be one of the first jewelers in the U.S. to be offering LoveFire jewelry, set with Greenland Rubies and Sapphires!

What makes these gems so coveted and special?  First, they are just plain beautiful. The colors are extraordinary, ranging for a deep pure red to lovely sparkly pink to midnight and twilight blues. You want to practically dive into their centers. But there’s so much more to know and tell. Greenland Rubies and Sapphires are responsibly mined, with sustainable and ecofriendly methods overseen by the government of Greenland, and are plucked from what’s believed to be the oldest gem deposit in the world – nearly 3 billion years old! And, while many rubies and sapphires are sifted from watery sands and outwash, the Greenland mine has to be worked oh so carefully, chiseling each gem from the hard rock in this Arctic wonderland.

Greenland Ruby Jewelry

Fortunoff has brought in a curated collection, which I’ve personally selected to meet our standards for quality, style, and value, all set in 14 karat gold. We like to think that our own commitment to legendary quality and service marries perfectly with the story that Greenland Rubies and Sapphires tell, of treating the planet we live on with care and welcoming its gifts while acting responsibly to preserve it. To that end, we are also proud to state that every sale of a LoveFire jewel also supports the Pink Polar Bear Foundation. The Foundation’s main objective is to support and make a difference in the lives of those who live close to the mines in Greenland, and further supports international polar research, climate change, and the non-human habitants of the Arctic region.  Learn more about

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