As our thoughts turn to spring, pretty dresses, and baring more skin, our need for adornment grows. We’ve been inspired by cultural trends, fashion shows, theater and art - and found some great new jewelry.
There’s good news: the trend of multiples in neckwear, rings, earrings, and bracelets continues and has given jewelry wearers more to play with, and more to crave. Plus, it’s a great way to keep wearing the pieces you own, while adding something new to update the look. Here’s how we can help.

Earrings Everywhere
From multiple piercings to wearing mismatched earrings, today’s choices give women the individuality they want. Try our moon and star earrings for the mismatched look or create your own with our vast array of tiny studs in white, yellow, or rose gold. Bar earrings that dangle are a new look this year, and don’t forget ear climbers, a style we think will endure.

Petite Diamond and White Gold EarringsEarings in yellow gold

Show Me Your Rings
Another popular hashtag, #ShowMeYourRings describes the practice of wearing multiple rings on any finger you want. Some women like the look of several skinny diamond rings stacked on one finger, while others choose a single piece like our pearl ring that achieves a multiple look.

Diamond Stacking RingsGemstone Stacking RingsPearl Ring

Bracelet stacks
The best way to stack bracelets is to choose a number of skinny ones and combine them, as we do here. And don’t forget to use newly fashionable (again!) unusual diamond shapes, such as baguettes.

Baguette Diamond BraceletDiamond Bracelet in Rose GoldPearl Stretch Bracelets

As you experiment with multiples, have fun making unexpected combinations and remember that jewelry expresses who you are. Go for it.