I love the smell of tomato plants in the morning… There’s nothing like the bounty of a homegrown harvest. Going out into the garden early in the morning, the fragrance of the tomato plant foliage as you brush up against it, instantly ​grounds me​. Peeking your head under the overgrown vegetation, lush green with the cooling, fall temperatures, and discovering ripened jewels of red fruit (or orange, or green!), reminds me of ​searching through loose gemstones​. ​A​ late season vine-ripened tomato is like a great discovery, something precious and to be treasured!

Tomato BruschettaThe tomatoes do seem to be a bit behind this year, don’t they?​ A​ll the better to extend the season of summer! Just watch out for the brigade of the mosquitoes, as they are still out there too!

What is there left to do, but to pick up a good loaf of bread, chop some fresh herbs from the garden and have a meal that is both delicious and beautiful to behold, like jewels of the garden!

And when each day brings less sunlight, it’s time to infuse Fall with a burst of rich, vibrant color. Here are just a few of our unique pieces designed to catch the eye and brighten up every day. For more inspiration, browse our Fall Colors collection.

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