Just like astrology signs, it can be interesting to know about your birthstone—its origin and what it might say about your personality. So, here in the first of a series of posts, I invite you to discover a little more about this month’s birthstone: the aquamarine.

Aquamarine PendantAquamarine is a gemstone whose name is derived from the latin aqua (meaning “water”) and marinus (meaning “sea”) and hails from the same mineral group, the beryl family, as the emerald. It is characterized by six-sided crystals that can grow up to a foot long—making it ideal for cutting and shaping into large-carat statement pieces. The color of aquamarine ranges from deep blue-green to lighter, slightly greenish-blue hues. Typically, larger stones have a deeper color—the more richly colored stones tend to have a higher value.

Cut from an enormous gem found in Brazil, the Dom Pedro Aquamarine is the largest in the world, weighing in at 10,363 ct. and on display at The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Back in Roman times, the gemstone was thought to be sacred to the god of sea and freshwater, Neptune. Because of this, sailors believed that wearing aquamarine amulets would safeguard them against the dangers of the sea and even make their voyages more successful and lucrative.

Aquamarine jewelryThis reputation as protector of sailors continued throughout the ages and into modern times. In fact, during World War II the U.S. Navy named one of their patrols the USS Aquamarine.

Today, aquamarine is said to symbolize purity of spirit and soul and to have healing powers, bringing a sense of calmness and clarity to those who wear it. It is also thought to be the stone of love and hope. Those born in March under this birthstone tend to love being around family and are compassionate and honest. They are great communicators and mediators, who can consider both sides of an argument and settle it fairly.

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And did you know that an alternative for the March birthstone is blue topaz? Just a fun little fact. So you have even more options!

Don’t forget to check back next month to learn about April’s birthstone, the diamond.