Rubies from Greenland One of the most interesting aspects of the jewelry industry is the discovery of new gem sources. Because gems are minerals made by the earth, they can pop up in the most unusual places.

When I attended the annual jewelry trade shows in Las Vegas this year, I was able to see a new source of ruby and pink sapphire that really surprised me – Greenland! Most ruby up until this time has come from Asia and Africa, so this new source is exciting.
Greenland, a part of the North American land mass, has nevertheless been ruled by the Kingdom of Denmark for centuries, and has a history that stretches back to Erik the Red and Viking explorers who were the first Europeans to visit the island and name it in 982. Today, Greenland is progressing towards self-rule and the mostly indigenous Inuit people who live there are very welcoming of new industries such as mining – as long as these sites don’t harm their spectacular and pristine environment.
Pink sapphires from GreenlandAs a result, Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires are mined sustainably, which means every care is taken to preserve the place where they being extracted. When the work is ended, the company will remove all evidence that humans were there, and the land will return to its native habitat. In the meantime, the mine is employing all Greenlandic local people.
I’m glad to see our industry at the forefront of sustainable mining practices, which increasingly will need to be adopted by all mining companies.
While looking at these great new gems, I also got to pet an icy cold polar bear ice sculpture, too! Here are some of the gems I saw. Let me know what you think.