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Sapphire and Diamond Flower Necklace, 14K White Gold
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Vintage Style Emerald and Diamond Pendant, 14K White Gold
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Whether you are shopping for a birthstone or marking a special occasion, we have stunning neckpieces that both look and feel beautiful. Choose a sapphire and diamond pendant on a removable chain, which is especially fitting for a September occasion, or a sapphire and diamond necklace if you prefer the center element to remain fixed. While sapphires come in many hues—by the way, rubies are the red cousins of all other sapphires—a blue sapphire and diamond necklace will highlight a gorgeous navy dress especially well. Perhaps your favorite color is green or May’s your month. In that case, choose an emerald neckpiece sure to make everyone around green with envy. And, if you really want to mix things up, choose an emerald and sapphire necklace or a ruby and emerald necklace, which will greatly stand out!

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