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Colors of the Sky

From the clear pastel blue of a cloudless day to the deep royal blue of twilight, our collection evokes the hues of our vast sky. Choose from icy blue topaz, calm aquamarine, tranquil turquoise, and more – just a few of the precious gems in our tribute to the blues above and beyond.

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Sleek Silver

Like rippled reflections on water, silver is an element that captures light and enhances everything it touches. Discover our unique collection of extraordinary silver. Designed to make you shine.

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Golden Touch

Richly textured surfaces gleam with the warmth of gold in jewelry so inviting, your eyes can almost feel the glow. Intricate patterns delight the wearer of these carefully crafted earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. From classic Florentine to smooth satin, the discerning jewelry collector will savor gold textures that range from subtle to bold, light & feathery to deep & palpable.

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Paved With Diamonds

Diamonds lend brilliance to everything. Our “Paved with Diamonds” collection offers sparkle for every woman’s wardrobe. Choose from our wide selection, set in precious metals, in designs from classic to contemporary, from petite to bold, from everyday to formal.

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Vivid Colors

Infuse your look with a burst of rich, vibrant color. Here are just a few of our unique pieces that bring their own light.

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Baby & Kids

Baby: First day. First tooth. First word. First steps. So many reasons to commemorate the first precious years. Child (2 thru 4 years): For the youngest jewelry collectors just beginning their school days a delightful & whimsical collection of sweet & sentimental. Kids (5 thru 9 years): When pigtails and princess dresses fall by the wayside, Fortunoff is there to celebrate the style of your growing up girl with a collection of jewelry that's colorful & cute with just the right amount of sparkle.

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Black & White

Special events need the right blend of cool and hot. Sizzling values from Fortunoff's Black and White jewelry collection. Always timeless and classic. Sometimes Goth. Sometimes glam. Ultramodern designs or vintage styling. Always a great way to accessorize your favorite LBD or new LWD!

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