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Diamond Trade-Up

Thinking About "Trading Up" For A Larger Diamond or Studs?

Fortunoff Jewelry - diamond stud earringsMost diamond engagement rings and diamond studs purchased from Fortunoff are eligible for “trade-up” toward a larger or finer diamond or pair of studs. Under some limited circumstances, we also may be able to offer trade-up on a diamond purchased elsewhere.

How do I start the process?

  • It is most likely that we can help if you have a copy of your original purchase receipt and/or Estimate of Value for Insurance.
  • Call to make an appointment with our diamond buyer or store manager, so we can give you personal service.
  • Bring your diamond(s) and your paperwork. We will do a visual inspection of your diamond(s) to confirm the original purchase information.
  • Your new purchase should be for at least twice the price of your original diamond(s) – excluding the mounting, which usually is not taken in at trade-up. For example, if you have diamond studs and paid $995 for them, you will need to make a new selection of diamond studs that are at least $1995.
  • When you have selected the new item you wish to purchase, we will unset your old diamond(s) to do a final confirmation of the weight, and to make sure there is no undetected damage that would affect the final trade-in value.
  • When you pay for your new purchase, the price of the trade-in will be deducted, and you will pay only the difference, plus any applicable taxes.
  • To schedule an appointment, call our diamond buyer at 1-800-636-7886, or email

Should you desire to trade in, sell or liquidate other jewelry items, please speak with a manager to discuss other options.

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