Lazare Diamonds

Fortunoff is proud to be a retail partner with Lazare Kaplan International Inc. (LKI), cutters of the world’s first Ideal Cut diamond and the world’s first branded diamond: The Lazare Diamond®. Since its founding in 1903, LKI has become an acknowledged leader among the world’s diamond cutting and polishing companies. Each Lazare Diamond® is cut to ideal proportions to create the optimum balance of brilliance, fire and scintillation that accounts for the beauty of a polished diamond. No wonder they are known to be “The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond®.” Additionally, LKI is globally renowned for their commitment to ethics and corporate social responsibility. It’s an “ideal” match for Fortunoff, as we are also committed to ethics and local issues. Find out more about Lazare Diamonds, and meet the diamond of your dreams, at Fortunoff. Lazare Diamond items are currently only available in our new jewelry boutique.