Romantic Cushion Cut Diamond Ring, 1 Carat, Platinum - $9,995As the daylight hours lengthen once again, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning. From windows battered by winter storms to outdoor decks and furniture, the added light quickly shows what needs cleaning – or repair. It’s just the same with jewelry. Once a year, it’s a good idea to bring your precious pieces into Fortunoff Fine Jewelry, where our expert jeweler can inspect settings, check for loose gems, and, when all is well, give your jewels a cleaning to make them sparkle for summer!

It’s always sad when a client brings us jewelry where a gem has been lost – and these annual inspections can prevent this from happening. This is especially important for valuable jewelry you wear every day, like an engagement ring. Rings and bracelets, in general, take more of a "licking", because of how much we use our hands.

Diamond Pave Ring, 18K White Gold - $995Though precious metals are durable, they are still vulnerable to the dings and arrows of daily work, chores, and caring for children. A prong can get snagged or moved, and a gem can loosen as a result.

Be especially careful with pavé jewelry – where the many smaller diamonds are set with tiny beads that allow you to see more of a diamond’s brilliance. But that very advantage means you need to be especially vigilant to avoid sharp or abrupt contact with hard surfaces. As with all fine jewelry, you should not wear such pieces to the gym, out gardening, or when preparing food.

Want to learn more? Bring your precious jewels in for a “spa visit.” If you have broken, unworn, or out-of-fashion pieces, you can bring those too, and we can give you suggestions to use the precious metals and diamonds you already own to create a new style that you’ll actually be able to wear and enjoy! And you can play a role in the redesign. It’s a fun process that our team will walk you through. See you soon. And happy spring.