You don’t have to be the 96-year-old Queen Mum to rock a strand of pearls. These days, pearls are for everybody: just check out musicians Harry Styles and Pharrell Williams, or Joc Pederson or Lance McCullers in their baseball best!

Sure, centuries back, you had to be a member of the royal family to afford these coveted beauties. But today, pearls are not only uber chic, they’re also ultra-affordable, and the styles of pearl jewelry have never been so diverse.

Geroge Villiers Queen Elizabeth Indian Raj

What makes pearls so universal and easy to wear? Is it their lustrous surface, which shimmers in the light of day or at a candlelit dinner? Is it their tactile feel, that gives some heft but keeps them comfortable to wear at the same time? Or is it their ability to effortlessly go with every outfit? We leave the “why” to you – we just know you’ll love our terrific options!

These days, you often see pearls worn by brides, who embrace traditional styles: a simple classic strand of white cultured pearls, a dangling or stud earring, or a bracelet. Some brides have even picked up on the latest (or is it one of the oldest?) of looks, wearing a tiara or brooch of pearls in their updos, always to dramatic effect!

Guys don’t have to miss out on accessorizing at the altar, by the way. We’re seeing gents walk (or dance) down the aisle in pearls, too, whether wearing more traditional cufflinks, tuxedo studs, or even a pin worn in place of a buttonier.

Pharell with Pearls Harry Styles with Pearls Joc Pederson with pearls

In more casual contexts, pearls are a great choice to wear with anything from a T-shirt with shorts or jeans, to a sundress, or a more dancefloor-ready outfit you’ll wear from morning til night. 

Whether strung one at a time onto silk (always done by hand, and meticulously knotted in between) for a strand-style necklace, or suspended as a single round beauty from a chain or on cord, pearl necklaces are easy to wear and spruce up any look.

model with pearl earrings Pearl Strands Model with pearls

You can effortlessly slip over the head a long necklace of pearls set along silver or gold chain (which won’t require any clasp closing!), or you can double and wear two necklaces short or layered. Or you may decide to go for the shorter length, with a simple clasp at the back, if your neckline calls for it.

Esther Fortunoff - headshot

Not feeling the neck love? We’ve got pearl bracelets that are strung and knotted, with a clasp, or stretchy to slip over the wrist.

Your ears might be feeling a little left out by now. Lucky for you and your lobes, there are plenty of choices there, too. We have simple single-pearl studs set with either karat gold or sterling silver, in sizes to suit every face and taste. Or go for glam with a pair of dangling earrings—some of which are composed of pearls alone, though others are set with diamonds or colored gemstones!

By now, you may have realized that we’re passionate for pearls. Esther Fortunoff finds both casual and dressy ways to wear hers - every week. Whether they come from the pristine waters of the South Seas, the saltwater lagoons of Japan, or the freshwater lakes of China and rivers in the U.S., pearls seem to us a miraculous gift of Mother Earth, helped along just enough by the culturing process. Want to learn more? Click here for our full Cultured Pearl Information & Care Guide!