March is Women’s History Month and has also been designated as “March is Me Month” by the Women's Jewelry Association. It encourages women to celebrate themselves, to acknowledge their own achievements, and to give themselves “permission” to explore their own independent choices. For women to go beyond the traditional role of caring only for others, we must learn to care for ourselves as well.

As a women-owned, women-staffed small business (whose original matriarch, my mother Helene, happened to be born in March!), we take special pride in celebrating women with March is Me. Our fine jewelry is selected with you, our women customers, always in mind. Whatever your age, your role, and your personal interests, we strive to find jewelry that will complement your personality and brighten your outfit, your mood, your day, and your life.

We also continue our long-standing support of women designers and women-owned businesses. Some of these are now being run by second or even third generations – very gratifying and exciting to see! We love to work with design teams where women can "road test" the designs.

Below, we highlight several of the women in jewelry design with whom we have the privilege of working (click on image to see their collections). In order to promote them and their businesses, we are offering a 15% discount off all of their products from March 7 thru March 14, 2023.

Zina jewelry collection

Marika jewelry collection

Sharelli jewelry collection

Jennifer E. Montgomery Jewelry collection

Margo Morrison jewerly collection

Tresor jewelry collection

Sylvie jewelry collection

Evocateur jewelry collection

Mabel Chong jewelry collection

Alison Nagasue jewelry collection

Dee Berkley jewelry collection