This month, Fortunoff summer intern, Alessia Arianas, takes over for Esther. Enjoy!

Summer is the most popular time to go on a vacation, and what’s better than packing for your getaway – or afterwards, enjoying jewelry you purchased on your trip? Below is a list of my jewelry must-haves when traveling the world!

South Sea Cultured Pearl Earrings, 10 MM, 14K White Gold - $6951. Pearl stud earrings - These are a classic must-have when preparing to go away! They can be worn for any occasion: on the plane, adventuring through a new city, lounging by the pool, or out to dinner.

2. A simple yellow gold necklace - I am a huge fan of small and simple necklaces. Something as plain as a yellow gold cross, flower, or even a dot can be worn with two or three other necklaces to create the “layers,” which is one of my favorite looks. A simple and petite necklace can pull together an outfit, especially when wearing a fun off-the-shoulder top.

Clover Shaped Sapphire and Diamond Pendant, 14K White Gold - $1,1503. A sapphire pendant - When on vacation, you’ll probably go to a fancy dinner at least once. A beautiful gemstone pendant will complement a summery all-white outfit or a colorful maxi dress, either of which could be worn to an elegant restaurant. This type of statement really makes an outfit.

Front and Back Chain Drop Earrings, 14K Yellow Gold - $2504. Dangle earrings - When you find yourself with your hair up in a messy bun, accessorizing with a pair of dangle earrings brings some action to your bare shoulders! One of the big plus sides to these earrings is the weight, as they are light, which makes them very easy to wear for a full day of adventure. I love how fun they are and how they are able to add so much to an outfit.

Stacking Rings in 14 Karat Gold5. Stackable rings - This is one of the most popular trends right now, and I am on board! You can usually buy these rings in a set, but feel free to wear them however you please! I think one of the coolest parts is that each ring has a completely different design, yet they look wonderful when all worn together. My fingers are always full of rings, so they are a must-have for me whenever I travel.

Tri Color Pebble Ankle Bracelet, 14K Gold - $2956. An ankle bracelet - I personally have always loved ankle bracelets during the summertime! They are so trendy and cute, and many people do not think of wearing them. I love how they look when wearing a simple set of flip flops while lounging by the pool, since they add another layer of color and pizzazz. I’d be remiss, however, if I didn’t advise you to take your anklet off before diving in, and giving it to a companion for safekeeping. As Esther wrote last month in her blog about “Caring for Your Jewelry in Summer,” Chlorine, salt water, and strenuous activities don’t play well with most fine jewelry.

Back From Vacation – With Memories
Bracelet with charmOne way to remember a vacation is through the jewelry purchased during it and charms are a perfect way to keep the memory alive. Charms will keep important parts of your trip as close as your wrist – where you can gaze often during work or play. Happy memories!