The Labor Day weekend and early September always mark for me the anticipation of change of seasons: that new back-to-school outfit for the kids, and the first big team meeting of our staff at Fortunoff Jewelry to unveil the Fall-to-Holiday promotional calendar.

We’ve all been eagerly anticipating the “return to normal” we hoped for this fall.  Unfortunately, rather than a full “return to work” mode, many are once again pivoting, this time to a blended combination of home and office/school.  There’s a new rhythm to our lives, and we have learned to adjust to a different cadence.

Nevertheless, time marches on.  The week of jewelry shows has finished, just in time to show off those fall and holiday styles.  We eagerly read trend reports to see what’s going on in the world of fashion, and what jewelry fashionistas are noticing and “have to have.” 

Here’s my take on this season’s Must Haves:


This is a “trend” we’ve been on top of for a few seasons already. Vibrant gemstones, vivid colors, the multi-hues of sapphires, are all high up on everyone’s list to wear now and into the holidays. We’ve seen a return to richly saturated opaque gemstones including lapis, as well as beads in all sizes and color combinations.

Oval Disc Rainbow Gemstone Necklace, 14K Yellow Gold Malachite Gemstone Bolo Bracelet, 18K Yellow Gold Pink Zircon Pendant, 22K Yellow Gold Blue Shades Gemstone Necklace, 18 Inches, Vermeil

Celestial / Spiritual

“We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun…” – The Beatles said it best in the ‘60’s, and this style is back again!

Rather than a trend, we see it as looking beyond ourselves at the natural world – mirroring what is happening in the global consciousness today. Climate, environment, life on land and sea, and even out to the moon, stars and beyond…

The exploration of space and the deepest oceans gives us comfort that there is more meaning than just in the moment.  Jewelry, with its connection to both the world around us, and our own emotional connection to each other, allows us to join the two parts into our whole.

Diamond Starburst in Disc Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Moon Necklace, 14K Yellow Gold Small Pavé Diamond Star Stud Earrings, 14K White Gold Scrollwork Hamsa Pendant with Diamond, 14K Yellow Gold


This trend just keeps growing and evolving.  We’ve always loved the variety of interesting chains and links that are being introduced and revived.  The “paper clip” chain is just a new, more pared-down sleeker version of some long-time link chains.  Use various new connectors, and add some favorite  charms, to add interest and curate your own “charm(ed) story.”  The bolder looks you can make are ideal for zoom meetings or casual get-togethers outside, too.

Hollow Paperclip Chain Bracelet, 14K Yellow Gold Paperclip Dangle Earrings with Diamond Accent, 14K Yellow Gold Sun and Moon Charm on Paperclip Chain, 14K Yellow Gold

Polished Rolo Link Necklace, 18 Inches, 14K Yellow Gold Square Links Diamond Ring, 14K Yellow Gold Polished Oval Link Bracelet, 14K Yellow Gold

Magnetic Clasp Large Oval Link Bracelet, Sterling Silver Round Push Lock Clasp with Diamonds, 14K Yellow Gold Paperclip Chain, 18 to 14 Inches, Sterling Silver