Remember how we all started 2020, talking about a new Roaring Twenties decade? All signs, including the one shown, pointed towards a great year.

Emerald and Diamond RingAnd then, everything changed. But at its heart, the important things remained. For most of us, our friends and family grew dearer, as we missed celebrating holidays, birthdays, and gals’ nights out.

How to cope? I have one friend who found herself sending little care packages to those she loved, and that practice has continued. Whether a good book, a snug pair of socks, or a necklace that said “VOTE” for one politically active pal, the gifts were meaningful and replaced those in-person hugs and face-to-face meetups she missed.

Another friend, who contacted me recently after a rough year, has decided to treat herself and we’re working on a special custom piece for her. With no vacation, no concerts, and no theater, she’s saved enough to brighten her holidays with an emerald ring, a long-time item on her personal wish list.

ruby and diamond bracelet ruby and diamond earrings ruby and diamond ring

Could this be you? Give yourself permission to spread joy this holiday season – to yourself and others. We have an array of gifts from sleek and oh- so-affordable silver, to colorful gems that will brighten the end of your year. There are also some great vintage pins in our collection, if you’re feeling whimsical. And diamonds, galore.

Jewelry, through the ages, has had talismanic qualities that lift us, empower us, and form part of our personal statement to the world. Armed with our jewels, we can face anything. And we have. It’s time to celebrate.

ruby and diamond bracelet ruby and diamond earrings ruby and diamond ring